about websites from hell

websites from hell should be an antipol for pages like cssmania.com, makebetterwebsites.com or www.awwwards.com. this project is also inspired by clients from hell, where you can find hilarious stories from clients, submitted by the community.

you can submit your own website, a website of your (ex-)client or just any other website you just stumpled over. there is only one requirement: the website should be a nightmare! there are gifs all over? more frames than you can count? java applets used as navigations? rainbow backgrounds and so on? yes, that would be a great candidate for hell! use the submit form! Now!

your footsteps on this project are tracked by google analytics. if you don't want this, please use the option on the right or follow this link. if you even more paranoid you can deactivate the social plugins of twitter, google and facebook. once again: use the option on the right or follow this link. in both cases cookies are used to remember your opt-out.

notice: this project is never finished and always "in progress". If you have a great idea or find a bug: please let me know. use twitter, facebook or a email. thank you!