Fabian Fischer
Deutschland [Germany]


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2021-10-16 - v1.9
more responsiveness

2020-11-24 - v1.8
new hoster

2019-07-29 - v1.8
removed social plugins

2017-02-10 - v1.7.2
minor fix.

2014-09-18 - v1.7
changed voting system. again.

2014-01-24 - v1.6
new size for new screenshots and some style corrections

2013-06-10 - v1.5.3

2012-10-25 - v1.5
added category "updated sites". updated sites are no longer listed in hell ranking

2012-04-13 - v1.4.1
small bugfix (thanks Tiffany!)

2012-03-20 - v1.4
added new list features for tld- and color-list. you can list entries by views and rating now

2012-02-11 - v1.3.5
added press list

2012-02-02 - v1.3.0
removed keywords

2012-01-28 - v1.2.2

2012-01-25 - v1.2.1
submit is the new add

2012-01-25 - v1.2
added new categories: by views and by color. showing the top 5 of colors for each website. added overview for colors. and added an overview for popular websites from hell (ordered by views)
fixed/tweaked tweets
category by keyword moved from main navigation to footer
changed styles of keyword and tld list
added option for mobile devices to deactivate google analytics
added this changelog

2012-01-24 - v1.1.2
changed behaviour of adding form

2012-01-23 - v1.1.1
added detailed meta information for different pages (seo)

2012-01-20 - v1.1
tweaked the sidebar. changed some texts. changed url of keywords.
added social plugins in footer

2012-01-18 - v1.0.5
fixed tweets and facebook posts

2012-01-17 - v1.0.1
fixed rating system

2012-01-17 - v1
we are online